Nitro Circus - Country Fried - Travis Patrana DVD

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Nitro Circus Country Fried is the latest adventure of motorcycle legend Travis Pastrana and his gaggle of backwoods buddies. Join Travis and the rest of the Nitro Circus Crew as they do the only thing they know – ride dirt bikes, attempt big stunts and wreck $%#&! As if the double backflip was not enough, Pastrana has pushed the limit even further by landing the “TP7” (Backflip 700), redeeming himself from his humdinger of a crash at X Games 15. Country Fried also features Supercross legend Jeremy McGrath messing with the crew at his secret ranch and Supercross/Motocross champ Chad Reed. In fact, Rumor has it, Reed landed a backflip on his championship bike while filming with the Nitro Circus Crew. Other fixins include a look at this year’s greatest moments of action sports and motor sports including X Games, Supercross, Outdoor Motocross, Monster Jam, Rally and more. To top things off, the film has been boiled in grease and sprinkled with the hilarious antics of Street Bike Tommy, Andy Bell, Crum, Tenacious J, and others from the Nitro Circus crew. So grab your napkin and spork and dig into NITRO CIRCUS COUNTRY FRIED.

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